Precoce Attiguo


Data di nascita:Maggio 12, 1992

Paese:Great Britain

Colore degli occhi:blue

Colore dei capelli:brown

Altezza: -

Taglia reggiseno:32B (US)| 70C (EU)

Vita:25 | 64

Fianchi:36 | 91

Numero di scarpe:7½ | 38

Ultimi Commenti
  • As soon as her tongue heals up, we need her back on here showcasing her new modification and hair!


    1 anno fa

  • Please have her back her as soon as possible - At best in an all naked, barefoot, 1on1 Boy/Girl scene with a vaginal creampie!


    2 anni fa

  • She's gorgeous but DDF already have another lady called Lauren. She needs a unique name and as her tattoo's could be likened to a tapestry, how about Lauren Tapestria ?


    2 anni fa

  • What a gorgeous girl. Love all her tattoos and awesome piercings. Show more scenes with her.


    2 anni fa

  • Beautiful face, great body.........but these tattoos :(


    2 anni fa